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A pan-European patent devoid of the need for national validation? For more than 40 years, this goal was the subject of dogged political negotiation. Enter the EU patent: an industrial property title for technical inventions with unitary effect across almost the entire European Union.

Therefore, to preserve your rights to a given invention, it may be advisable to first file a European patent application. Any evolution in the pertinent field subsequent to the accorded day of filing, commonly called the priority date, is generally innocuous to the patentability of your application's subject matter. Within the year to follow this priority date, geographic coverage of the envisaged protection may be extended at your discretion to suit your legal and economic requirements. Roughly speaking, for the purpose of substantive examination, any patent application identical in content that is submitted in a further jurisdiction within the aforementioned time interval will be treated as if it, too, had been filed on the earlier priority date. This legal provision buys you time for market monitoring to weigh the cost and benefit of further filing. will facilitate such analysis free of charge.

As for trademarks, designs, and other flavors of intellectual property, comparable titles effective all across Europe have been established for years. With respect to these non-technical industrial rights, the respective European Union trade marks and Community designs in most cases allow for a cost-effective safeguarding of your operations.

When it comes to filing a patent, trademark, or design application and subsequent documents, let employ pertinent online services offered by the competent authority. This ability benefits not only your capacity for rapid action but also your budget, such as by qualifying for a reduction of the international filing fee by up to CHF 300. Owing to strict adherence to the common application format for patents, your application will further comply with any formal requirements imposed by the United States, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese patent and trademark offices, not to mention those of the European Patent Convention. Finally, the state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment maintained by supersedes travel to Munich, The Hague, or Berlin—easy on the nerves as well as your purse.

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