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Italian painter, sculptor, architect, anatomist, mechanician, engineer, (gasp) and natural philosopher Leonardo Da Vinci is considered one of the greatest polymaths of all time. Being a sensitive artist, he started early on to record thoughts and feelings in notebooks he called “codici”. These logs suggest his being unsatisfied with an imitation of what was familiar, all the more striving to create something novel, seeing himself as a student of nature.

As a technician, Leonardo may well be called a pioneer far ahead of his time. His knowledge of natural forces, which he chose to utilize for the collective good, enabled him to invent apparatus such as the flying machine incorporated in the emblem you see in the title bar. Following his calling, Leonardo never allowed himself to get discouraged by setback (such as the multiple bone fractures his assistant suffered during a test flight) or lack of financial resources. He pictured himself an aficionado of conception rather than of implementation.

For composing his texts and commentary, the “uomo universale” had adopted a unique mirror script. Prevailing hypothesis states this was because he intended to protect his ideas from imitation. Intellectual property rights akin to today's patents were unavailable to Leonardo and his contemporaries. Clandestine guilds and secret societies passed down their knowledge from master to apprentice.

Let this image instill some inspiration and spark your creative ambition. Envision your substantial edge over Leonardo: The present-day legal framework allows you to capitalize on your mental achievement. All the same, there is no longer a need to deprive the public of your contribution to the state of the art. As a consequence, any invention of yours is bound to enrich not only yourself but also technology and, ultimately, society as a whole. may guide you on this journey.

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