Looking for relief? Granted.

No one knows your line of business as you do. The optimization of your portfolio and evaluation of protectable assets rest in the safe hands of your patent department. However, its resources are limited. As service-oriented outside counsel, mzb.de will make sure to relieve your staff from an ever-growing drafting and prosecution burden, keeping them free for strategic tasks. This includes working hand in hand with your in-house attorneys, patent administrators, and inventors. Reputable reference clients such as Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG or Robert Bosch GmbH have grown to appreciate this level of service.

Your key technologies evolve faster than the legal framework designed to protect them. Not every law firm manages to keep that pace. All the more reason to rise to the challenge of protecting software-intensive systems—a skill to take pride in.

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  1. Corporate clients
  2. Medium-sized businesses
  3. Sole inventors